Stair lift


Latest technology produced by Vimec, an international company, with a total load capacity of 230Kg. It is ideal for wheelchair patients, elderly people, orthopaedic patients and all those who find difficulty in going up and down the stairs. It is simple to operate with many safety features, silent in its operations hence rendering the process comfortable and safe.

Kindly inform the reception by phone or e-mail when booking and before coming for the appointment so they can aid and escort you immediately on your arrival. We are here to help you.



There will always be a full time receptionist service throughout the opening hours of St. Edward’s Clinic (Monday to Friday from 08.00 till 20.00 and Saturday from 08.00 – 15.00). On entering the clinic for your appointment get in touch with the receptionist who will guide you to your seating and room number where you’ll be seen. Kindly note that all payments have to be settled at the reception.

Appointments can be booked either by phone or you can send us an e mail on and we’ll reply back. This excludes Sundays and Public holidays.



The lift has a capacity of 8 persons with a total load of 600 Kg. It is easy to operate. Hand brail features were additionally incorporated to aid those with eye sight problems.